Tips About Air Conditioning Installations In Charlotte

If you have just moved into a new home in Charlotte or are renovating, it’s important to address the issue of air conditioning and furnace installation when the home needs the equipment. Comfort and solace are the qualities that any home should have, and these cannot be obtained if there are problems with home heating […]

How Heating Repairs Will Save You During The Winter From Replacing Them in Rock Hill, SC

There are times, during the winter, that you are going to be in need of a Rock Hill heating repair. When you are, then you’re going to have to seek out a reputable repair person to fix your ailing heating unit. If you don’t want to replace it, then have it looked at by professionals […]

Why an HVAC Service Plan is Important For Your System

What exactly is an HVAC service plan, and why should it matter to you? An HVAC service plan is basically an agreement between yourself and the service provider where you pay a yearly fee to guarantee maintenance service and AC Repairs. What about the part where it matters to you? Well, in the same way […]

Air Duct Cleaning Promotes HVAC Performance and Indoor Air Quality

If you have a central heating and air conditioning unit in your Rock Hill home, your property has a network of air ducts within your walls. The air ducts are in place to provide a channel through which heated and cooled air can be transferred from your HVAC system to the various rooms within your […]

Lowering Your Heating Costs through Heating Installation in Charlotte

  Your heating system is responsible for heating the home. Heating systems can come in the form of a furnace, heat pump, radiator, or others. No matter what type of heating system you’ve got, at some point it will need to be replaced as a professional Charlotte heating installation can save you money. We all […]

The Once-a-Year Step for Everyday Comfort

You’ve probably heard of Poor Richard’s Almanac even if you have never read it. This was a work by Ben Franklin back when the country was young, and it had a calendar, weather predictions and some wise sayings. Well, if Ben Franklin were writing weather predictions for <CITY>, he’d say, “It’s going to be hot […]

How a 1987 Treaty Changed Air Conditioning in 2010

Ever heard of the Montreal Protocol? Like many things that happen among and between nations, even if you haven’t heard of it, we’re talking about an event that could affect your life – or, in this case, your home comfort. Offered up in 1987 for nations to sign and adopt, the Montreal Protocol was an […]

U.S. Government Breaks Your A/C System

Most of us probably don’t think about the ozone day in, day out. But some folks do. And the groups and agencies who keep a close eye on environmental concerns have prompted some actions in recent years that will ultimately affect the operation of central air conditioners across this country. The issue is the refrigerant, […]

The Nutty Secret I Actually Didn’t Want You to Know

I never was good at keeping secrets, especially from my customers. After all, I went into this business to help people – to keep you comfortable, to save you energy, to prevent the need for future repairs … good ambitions like that. Oh, that’s still my goal alright. But that means letting you in on […]

Can Your Furnace Pass the “Confidence” Test?

Is your furnace good for one more season, or can you expect a collapse at the most inopportune (AKA coldest) moment possible? This is what a lot of homeowners wonder when they’ve been patching the same system for several years now. But here’s another question to consider: what could you expect if you made the […]

The Answers Are in the Questions

Sometimes, when facing decisions, the answers we seek are in the questions we ask. Well, not always directly. If you ask, “What’s for lunch?” hamburger and fries show up nowhere in those words. But it does start the thinking process about the “problem” of lunch that eventually leads to a solution (hamburger and fries). In […]

Did You Know …

About half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. That means your home comfort system can have a big effect on your utility bills. So taking care of it can save you a lot of money on your energy bills and also improve your home comfort. A good way to […]

The Down and Dirty of Your Home Comfort System

As with most things, the better care you take of your heating and air conditioning unit, the better it will perform and the longer it will last. If you neglect your system, then it could be underperforming, and this can really show on your energy bill. There are simple things you can do to help […]

Furnace Repairs

How a World without Furnace Repairs Would Harm the Home Heat makes the world a lot more bearable, comfortable and productive. If you have ever remained outside for a long period of time in Charlotte during the winter, then you realize how cold it can get. In order to have working heat, your systems needs […]

Heating Repairs

The first thing people think when they hear the words heating repairs are their wallets. What the average person doesn’t think about is how little repairs can help prevent larger and more expensive ones. When it comes to the system necessary for regulating the entire temperature of your home it is never a good idea […]

Foley Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Foley Kitchen remodeling is usually harder than remodeling any other part of the house – mainly because this is the area where lots of work will be done. For functionality, the kitchen is designed to house a wide array of cooking items from pots to pans, making it essential to maximize space use as much […]

Rock Hill Air Conditioning Repairs

To get you started, here are some common simple Rock Hill air conditioning repairs tips that many central air conditioners encounter and techniques about air conditioning repairs. The appliance will not turn on. When you encounter this problem, you must first check the thermostat settings. Check to see if it is set in Cool and […]

What Are Your Lungs Telling You About Your Home?

Air is to breathing like … well … lungs are to your home. You might not want to use that comparison on your next science test. Still, it gives us a chance to make a point: when indoor air quality affects a person’s home, the lungs might be the first to know. That’s because there’s […]

Here Is a Method that Is Helping Homeowners Save More Energy with Better Comfort

A lot of times we think that life has us running in circles. But the truer view is that life runs in cycles. For example, each season brings certain opportunities and obligations, and spring has definite “caretaking” flair. So, in a sense, it’s the same thing year after year: you take care of important home […]

What Does Heat Have to Do with Cold?

Life has a certain connectedness, wouldn’t you say? For example – typically, home comfort systems that provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer have certain functions and equipment they share (and not just the thermostat). Energy Star – a program of the federal government that promotes efficiency in appliances – makes a […]

What Every Homeowner Should Know: Government to Take A/C Refrigerant Off Market

Have you heard about the government phase-out of certain HCFCs (Class II Ozone-Depleting Substances)? Those very complex sounding initials and terms actually cover a lot of substances, but the one that’s most pertinent to this report relates to a product that the majority of Americans find to be cooling comfort in the summer months: HCFC-22. […]

Summer Tips

Be prepared. It’s not just a motto. It’s a really good idea with a proven track record. That’s why homeowners who want to save energy while staying comfortable through the height of summer temperatures – and avoid pesky, extremely inconvenient air conditioner breakdowns – take a critical step of preparation. They get their air conditioning […]

Is Your Home at the Center of an Energy-Loss Vortex?

That’s not quite as far-fetched as it seems. See, your home comfort system worked very hard to keep you cozy all Winter. Now with Summer around the corner, you sure don’t want system wear and tear to create a black hole in your wallet. I think we all know how expensive space programs can be! […]

If Only You Had a Crystal Ball

“Didn’t see that one coming.” Famous words said “after the fact,” and often with sarcasm. While we may say things like “If only I had a crystal ball,” the truth is, paying attention to patterns can give you a good sense of what’s ahead. For example, as you get to know people, you can sort […]

What’s the Big Deal About Tune-Ups?

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s the theory that you shouldn’t go tinkering where there isn’t a problem because you might end up creating a problem that you didn’t have in the first place. Many times we’d agree – but not when it comes to a tune-up […]

Indoor Air Purifier – Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality

You must have heard of sick buildings, sick offices and homes. And when you personally start experiencing perpetual sinusitis, tearing eyes, and endless allergies, you begin to wonder if you need to improve your indoor air quality, IAQ that is. And getting an air cleaner purifier is an essential part of the solution. 3 main […]

Germicidal Light Bulbs – Using the Power of UV Radiation for Cleaner Air

The air we breathe has a direct effect on feelings of health and well-being. With modern households filled with common contaminants including mold, mildew, bacteria, and pet dander, there is a definite need for some sort of method to filter the air and make it breathable again. Inhalation of mildew can lead to a host […]

Benefits of Getting AC Repair Specialists

There are many AC repair companies that can address both commercial and residential heating and air conditioning needs in Charlotte. You can find repair shops that are open 24 hours and day and 7 days a week. Whenever you need major repairs for your AC, you can rely on a Charlotte AC repair company for full service […]

Air Conditioner Routine Maintenance

In order to keep your air conditioning running at its highest efficiency, it is always best to have your unit periodically serviced by a Charlotte HVAC professional. Whether this is done by the contractor who installed your HVAC units, or another contractor that you have set up a service agreement with, you should have them service […]

Stand-alone Air Conditioner-The Best Choice

Most people aim towards the cheaper things because they think that it’s going to be just as good as the expensive ones. This is not always the case. You may want to spend a few more bucks to get a better air conditioner product. To operate safely, older models may not adhere to regulations. Also, […]

Benefits of a Portable Generator

There are several benefits to having a portable generator in your home. Portable generators are reliable for supplying power for lighting and to electrical devices when the electrical service to your home experiences a power failure. Lightening, high winds, fires, vehicles hitting power poles, and other unexpected events can cause the electrical power supplied to your home […]

Cold Weather Tips

Schedule a Furnace Tune Up For Peak Efficiency A furnace tune up cleans your system making it operate more efficiently saving you money on your fuel costs. Plus a tune up is a safety check which will detect any defective or damaged parts. Keep in mind that an annual tune up is recommended by all manufacturers and […]

I Must Confess – Home Generator Installations Are Not For Do it Yourselfers

What did he do wrong? The list is too long for print. But suffice it to say, he made enough mistakes that he experienced three short circuits, started two small fires and blew fuses on six separate occasions. I’ve got to give it Myron; he was determined! Actually, with his determination, he nearly burned his […]

The Importance of Keeping the Hvac Air Filter Clean

Before we discuss the different types of air conditioning and heating filters and which one is the best for you, it needs to be stressed how important it is to keep your air conditioning and heating filters clean. Air flow is very important to the efficiency of your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system […]

The Necessity of Maintaining HVAC Systems

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to tweak up the performance of all the HVAC systems. You may be aware of the fact that all the HVAC systems in use today need to be maintained periodically. Though many people just ignore the maintenance of the HVAC systems, it is just indispensable for the […]

How to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

In times of rising energy costs and rapidly depleting fossil fuels, making your Charlotte air conditioner more efficient will reduce your energy usage, make your home more comfortable, save money, and possibly help to save the environment.  No matter what kind of air conditioning system you have, there are steps you can take to make your air […]

The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Conventional Air Conditioners

If you have a Charlotte conventional air conditioner or you are considering purchasing one, there are some important things to know about how these machines work, the operating cost, energy efficiency, cost, size, and maintenance.  Conventional room air conditioners and conventional central air conditioning are the most popular cooling methods in use today in the U.S.  Conventional […]

How to Hire a HVAC Contractor

HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors. These are people you hire to install your much needed heating and air conditioning systems in the home and buildings. They are certified professionals who possess the proper knowledge and skills in installing, repairing and cleaning all types and size of units whether small or large. Before […]

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners are another form of air filters. These filters use electrostatic precipitation, static charge, or particle ionization to remove particles that have been sapped in by a fan through a foam pre-filter. What happens at this point is that larger particles are caught and charged by a high-voltage wire, which is then captured in […]

The Importance of Humidifiers

If you are prone to allergies or suffer from asthma I’m sure you’ve been told more than once to buy a humidifier. From helping with breath to skin care, there are so many reasons why humidifiers are perfect for any home.  There are many different things that can contaminate the air. There is smog, mist, […]

Choosing A Heating System

Do you need to upgrade the heating system in your old home? Are you buying a new home which needs an additional heating system? Are you wondering which unit to buy? To assist you in comparing heating systems, let’s review some basic information. Understand the cost of running hot and cold water depends upon three factors: […]

Heating Your Basement

Basements can be used for various purposes, laundry, storage, bedrooms, home office space, and more. They can also be a cool retreat from the summer heat. But when the weather gets colder, the cool chill of a basement is much less desirable. If you want to spend any time in your basement in the winter, […]

Garage Heating – Practical And Affordable

A typical two car garage represents approximately 20% of the usable space in an average home. In addition, there are currently over 40 million single family residential garages in the U.S. But the fact is, garages are simply the most under-utilized spaces of the home, especially during the winter months. Why? There may be any […]

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