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Tappan’s reputation for tough, durable products was, in the beginning, cast in iron. In 1881, in Bellaire, Ohio, W. J. (Bill) Tappan sold his wood- and coal-burning stoves door-to-door from a horse-drawn wagon. But it wasn’t until World Wars I and II, when Tappan supplied cooking equipment to the U.S. armed forces, that the name gained well-deserved national recognition.

The Tappan name has always stood for appliances that are durable and innovative. Tappan’s introduction of the microwave in 1955 revolutionized cooking. Then, just five years later, pilot lights in furnaces and stoves became a thing of the past with Tappan’s invention of electronic ignition.

Today, our line of heating and cooling equipment is still just as solidly built as our tank-tough stoves built for the military in World Wars I and II. In fact, our furnaces offer an all-parts limited warranty good for 10 years, with limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Even more, they’re Tappan smart. Packed with precision-engineered components that deliver extended service life, plus state-of-the-art efficiency and comfort. Get a Tappan Heating System installed by Parker Heating and Air Conditioning Today!

97+% AFUE iQ Drive® Fully Modulating Tech3TM Series Performance. Strictly Top-Of-The-Line.

Tappan’s Tech3 Series furnaces are up-to-speed with the expectations of today’s comfort-minded and energy-conscious consumer. Providing the latest two-stage, variable-speed technology, it stands to reason that these furnaces will cost more up front. But over the lifetime of your initial investment, they’ll provide unparalleled comfort, the quietest operation, and significant improvements in indoor air quality.

Likewise, they’ll pay back dividends providing energy savings worth hundreds of dollars per year along with reduced maintenance costs. This is an iQ Drive® ready furnace and is designed to seamlessly integrate our Award-Winning iQ Drive® Air Conditioner, to create the most energy efficient comfort system available for the home.

80% AFUE, Single-Stage / Variable Speed Variable-Speed Technology. Smart. Very Smart.

The variable speed oil furnace has many of the same features and benefits of a standard 80% oil furnace, but it has the benefit of Variable Speed technology. Unlike the abrupt start/stop cycles of a conventional furnace, a Tech2 variable-speed furnace ramps up to speed gradually to eliminate temperature swings and reduce noise.

Variable speed technology can also increase the efficiency of your outdoor air conditioner. For example, a new Tappan 13 SEER split system outdoor air conditioner and coil, can increase to a 14 SEER system with the use of variable speed.

What does having an 80% Variable Furnace mean?

Employing patented GE ECMTM variable-speed technology still further, the blower delivers constant air flow thanks to a programmable electronic controller. It adjusts in real time to meet capacity automatically compensating for reduced duct volume, dirty air filters, zoning changes, obstructed supply register, etc. So the entire system functions more efficiently for more-even temperatures, better indoor air quality, precise humidity control and reduced energy consumption.

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