You must have heard of sick buildings, sick offices and homes. And when you personally start experiencing perpetual sinusitis, tearing eyes, and endless allergies, you begin to wonder if you need to improve your indoor air quality, IAQ that is. And getting an air cleaner purifier is an essential part of the solution.

3 main factors contribute most in enhancing the IAQ of your Rock Hill home or office, namely by source control, boosting your interior ventilation as well as using an indoor air purifier.

Source control literally means trying to identify the where the bad air comes from within your Rock Hill home or office. For example, office equipment like the photocopier, fax machine, personal computers and home appliances like gas stoves are all culprits of emitting pollutants. These are easy adjustments like changing to an alternative appliance or enclosing your office copiers in an enclosed room which will greatly help improve the air quality eventually.

Circulating indoor air with outdoor air is also important as research has shown that often enough, outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air by 2 to 5 times. While is might be a more difficult task to open all your doors and windows at the office, you can do so very easily at home. And do it twice a day an hour at a time. This will help you ventilate the used air with outdoor air which often contains more nutrients. And if your home also includes an art or pottery studio where you paint your art pieces, it is advisable to air your work room more often. You should do the same if you have a crowded garage.

Finally, getting an indoor air purifier is the critical maintenance part of this chain process. Effective air purification systems are capable of removing particles from 10 to 0.001 microns depending in the type of air filtration systems adopted. Particles like dust, virus, bacteria, gas, smoke and odor are amongst the main pollutants removed but you will need to do some research to find out which is most suitable one for you. One thing for sure, steer clear away from ozone ionic cleaners as they tend to emit ozone, a toxic gas to the human body.

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