What did he do wrong? The list is too long for print. But suffice it to say, he made enough mistakes that he experienced three short circuits, started two small fires and blew fuses on six separate occasions. I’ve got to give it Myron; he was determined! Actually, with his determination, he nearly burned his house down. The moral of the story is; for safety purposes, only professionals should attempt a home generator installation. Remember, what we’re talking about here, electricity, voltage and amps. These are not sources of power for anyone to play around with!

That’s why I advise having only a qualified company perform installation on all electrical equipment associated with home generators. This is critical due to the fact that there are so many safety measures that must be addressed when dealing with electrical wiring, grounding, voltage, amperage and potential electrical shock. As Myron found out, just one mistake could spark an electrical fire or cause serious electrical back feeding complications.

Having professional home generator installation eliminates these potential hazards. This is serious business; people can suffer harm, property can be damaged and lives can be lost. Please DO NOT take such a chance with your safety, or with the safety of others. It is simply not worth any of the consequences.

To avoid any home generator installation issues, simply search for and find a qualified company. That means a person who meets at minimum, these two crucial qualifications.

(1) They are currently licensed in your state

(2) They have experience performing home generator installations

DO NOT use someone who does electrical wiring BUT has no license! You want a licensed company, PERIOD! Many generator retailers and authorized dealers can assist you with references to a qualified company in your area. Oftentimes, various local companys not only sell generator packages, they also include home generator installation as a package deal. What you need to do before agreeing to have anyone perform a home generator installation for you is get at least three written estimates.

Reputable companys will provide free estimates and won’t attempt to pressure you into signing on the dotted line. The estimate should include exactly what work is being done and what products and materials you are purchasing.