How can you spend less money and NOT save on dollar bills? Well, it makes sense when you are shopping for higher-priced purchases that may require maintenance or operating costs. There are three things to remember when considering buying big-ticket buys:

1. Purchase Price – Impulsive buyers stop here, and it can cost them big! This sometimes appears to be a good measure of comparison- shopping, but it can be a deception that causes you to spend more on…

2. Maintenance Costs – Comparing warranties, reliability and repair costs is the smartest way to evaluate this component. Ask specifically what is covered in warranties. Companies can offer different- and confusing- warranties.

3. Operating Costs – This usually means “ongoing” cost of using the item. Fuel consumptions, power usage and more come into this category. Many products offer “operating Costs” as a separate label to help consumers buy wisely.

In our industry, all three of these components are extremely important in judging a “good buy” versus what could be a cheap rip-off. By concentrating on the efficiency of the system, you can end up saving a lot over the lifetime of the system. All products must meet minimum efficiency standards set by the Department of Energy. But many products beat the standard, use even less energy and cost less to run. This can you a small fortune over time.

Bottom Line: If your heating and cooling system is more than 8 years old, call us for a free energy survey. We will tell you – in dollars and cents – how much you CAN SAVE!