What exactly is an HVAC service plan, and why should it matter to you? An HVAC service plan is basically an agreement between yourself and the service provider where you pay a yearly fee to guarantee maintenance service and AC Repairs. What about the part where it matters to you? Well, in the same way that your car requires regular checkups, oil changes, etc., your HVAC unit requires routine maintenance as well. Just like a car, your HVAC unit is a complex piece of machinery. Eventually, things will break down or stop working at the level of efficiency they should be, and the preventative maintenance you get with a service plan is a great way to catch those little hiccups before they can turn into something bigger that could potentially cause your unit to stop working entirely. When trying to determine if the upfront cost of a service plan is worth your investment, it is important to remember that some benefits will be apparent immediately, and some you will notice over time. Some of the more prominent benefits to investing in a service plan include:

Fewer Repairs

The regular maintenance guaranteed in most service plans will make sure that any small issues are caught and resolved before they have a chance to damage your system further. As a complicated piece of machinery, when things come loose or break off inside you HVAC unit, it is very easy for them to damage other pieces. This can lead to a chain reaction that can very quickly ruin other parts of your machine. The annual maintenance included in a service plan can honestly pay for itself by preventing and limiting future repairs.

Lower Chance of a Complete Breakdown

As said above, making sure all the little aspects of your machine are working correctly is a great way to make sure nothing major goes wrong with it. Nobody wants to subject themselves or their family to a summer or winter without air or heat. With the regular maintenance covered in your service plan, the odds of something catastrophic failing in your system are greatly reduced.

Lower Energy Bills

Even if it seems like your HVAC unit is working, over time, it stops working as well as it can. When you neglect your system, it can slowly lose its ability to keep up with the temperature demands of your home and wind up costing you more money as it now has to work harder to perform the same task. The maintenance offered under your service plan will help provide the regular tune-ups your system needs to keep working at its peak efficiency.

Longer Equipment Life

With a service plan for your HVAC unit, you can keep your system running like the well-oiled machine it is. Not only will investing in a service plan for your unit help keep it running smoothly, it will also ensure that your unit can continue serving you for a long time to come. Catching any issues with your system early helps prevent problems from building on one another, and ultimately shortening the lifespan of your machine.

Your HVAC unit is a major investment for your home, and as with any investment, it is important to protect it. At Parker Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide a 56-point checklist to make sure we catch any problems with your system early, and we also guarantee to save you 15% on all of your repairs with our Premium Service Agreements. Our plans will cover all of your heating and air conditioning units for 12 months, and make sure they keep running smoothly. Call us today for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.