Terms and Conditions

Quotes presented are good for 48 hours.

Payment is due upon completion of all work. In some instances, there will be a deposit due for scheduling. In these cases, the balance plus any additional charges that have been presented and approved will be due upon completion of the work. Any payment not received within 5 business days of the completion of the work will be subject to interest at the highest amount allowed by contract in the state of South Carolina. Any checks that come back as insufficient will result in bank fees as well as the balance due to the customer.

Parker Heating and Air Conditioning provides a 60-day guarantee on all repairs unless stated otherwise. This guarantee is for parts and/or labor. Any manufacturer warranties apply thereafter.

Any alterations, additions, adjustments, or repairs made by the homeowner or anyone else, unless authorized by Parker Heating and Air Conditioning shall terminate any warranty or guarantees on the work performed.

All work to be performed by licensed and trained professionals. We cannot be responsible for any delays caused by weather, supplier or manufacturer delays or acts of God.

All prices are given as a flat rate price, not an hourly or “time and material” rate to ensure upfront pricing for all customers.

Customers agree that appointment times are subject to change. Customers will be notified of any changes to appointment times prior to the start time.

Quotes are based on visible conditions and the Customer agrees that the price may vary due to non-visible conditions. In the event of non-visual conditions, a new Quote will be updated and provided to the Customer for further approval.

Parker Heating and Air Conditioning will complete the Service in the Quote and any change orders as quickly as practicable. The customer agrees that Parker Heating and Air Conditioning will not be responsible for any damages to the Customer, either direct or incidental, arising from any delays in completing the Service before any date discussed between Customer and Parker Heating and Air Conditioning. Service dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and will be rescheduled.

Parker Heating and Air Conditioning may terminate the agreement at any time. The Customer may terminate the agreement prior to completion of the Service but will pay Parker Heating and Air Conditioning for Service that has been completed and for any materials or fixtures purchased by Parker Heating and Air Conditioning included in the Quote.

All Warranty Services will be described on the paid invoice.

Customer understands and agrees that Parker Heating and Air Conditioning will retain title to any equipment or material furnished until the full and complete payment is made and if settlement is not made as agreed, Customer understands and agrees that Parker Heating and Air Conditioning has the right to pursue preliminary/lien holdings and/or additional legal actions. Customer understands and agrees to pay for all work, goods, and services received, and hereby further authorize Parker Heating and Air Conditioning to bill any of my credit card(s) for the goods and/or services being provided, and Customer understands and agrees to perform the obligations set forth in the applicable card holder agreement with the credit card user.

All sales are final, No refunds available.

Authorization is given by the following options: Signature is authorization for services to be performed as described. Payment Collection, prior to services performed, is authorization for service to be performed as described, in place of signature, when signature cannot be obtained.

Email/Phone authorization may be accepted with management approval.

Parker Heating and Air Conditioning reserves the right to withhold fees for additional labor and material costs from any down payment collected for any service when services are canceled by the consumer. Authorization is given to save all forms of payment to the customer account.

Payment due upon completion. 5% after 30 days 60% max.

$99.00 Service Fee for all calls booked. The fee will be waived if you have us complete any of the quotes given. Payment is due at the time of service.